LG A/C Window Unit Condensation Leak Solution

Last summer, we had a Friend whose LG A/C Window Unit was leaking Condensation back inside their Home.  We took the front cover off, cleaned a little bit of old dust & debris out of the water pan – cleaned the replaceable Air Filter – ran the Unit a bit and Condensate was still dripping back through to the inside, and not draining to the outside properly.

So we drilled 2 small holes in the bottom of the Drain Pan outside, and made a couple of Drip Wicks, out of some Steel Wire we found.  Then we took a small piece of Aluminum Flashing, to form a small tray, and filled IT with some Spray Foam, to seal the bottom of the Unit against any Humid Louisiana Air from causing “Sweating” on the underside of the A/C Unit.

Below is a short Video of everything draining properly

Thank you for watching!  We hope this helps and Please have a Wonderful Day!