Connectite DWV PVC Fittings – Are these Garbage?

I was at our local Lowes the other day, picking up some Insulation and Vapor Barrier for my next Bathroom Project, and I needed a couple of 1 1/2″ PVC Couplings, for removing a Sanitary Tee and rerouting a PVC Vent to the Attic.  To my surprise, I see these New (to me) Push Fittings from Charlotte Pipe, called Connectite, occupying a space on the shelves –

Connectite 45 degree Ell

Connectite 45 degree Ell
Solvent Weld Street 45 Ell

Being a Hopeless Sceptic, and seeing the small size of the Rubber Seal, and knowing how Shark-Bite fittings for Copper or PEX are complete Garbage, I can’t resist the Urge to call Bullshit on these fittings.  To add Insult to Injury, the cost for one 45 degree Ell is over NINE TIMES the cost of a Solvent Weld fitting of the same type – I couldn’t find a regular 45 degree bend on the shelf, so I show a Street 45 bin with price (above), which costs 6 cents more than a regular hub x hub 45 (at 99 cents).  Also, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry, the manufacturer of both fittings pictured here, claim that the Connectite is 20 times faster to install, than Solvent Weld fittings – again, I call Bullshit here too.

I must admit, this is going to be attractive to Homeowners and Jack-leg Plumbers, for the (alleged) ease of use, but as with all Piping Systems, the Preparation is as important as the actual connection of Fittings.  You still have to Ream and remove Burrs from the interior of any Pipe Cut.  With Connectite, you also have to Sand the outside of the pipe, then use Liquid Soap to Lubricate both the Pipe and the Rubber Seal inside the fitting.  So if you take the time and care to prepare the pipe as instructed by Charlotte Pipe & Foundry, I don’t see the 20x time savings they claim.  Another positive claim they make, is that the Connectite Fitting can be rotated to align for proper fit.  When Solvent Welding, the Fitting is always rotated as IT is glued, both to align for proper fit and to insure that there are no voids in the glue between the fitting and pipe.  Below are screenshots of the Instruction Sheet.

Connectite Push to Fit DWV fittings come in 3 pipe sizes – 1 1/2″, 2″ & 3″, and only 4 types are made – Coupling, Short-Turn 90, Sanitary Tee and 45 degree Bend.  No Long Turn 90 degree bends at the time of this Blog Post – so these won’t pass any Code for use in a Sanitary Sewer System – only as Vent 90 degree bends.  Also, you can’t drip PVC glue on these, if you combine them with regular fittings, because that voids the Warranty.

What happens when these Connectite Fittings are buried in the ground for Ten Years? or 20?  Also, these fittings CANNOT be used for Venting any Fuel Gas Fixture, which means that Exhaust Heat will make the Rubber Seal fail and leak Carbon Monoxide into the Living Area – No doubt, someone is going to use these Connectite Fittings to Vent a Tankless Water Heater and make someone sick or dead – just a matter of time.  These Connectite Fittings just might be a Lawsuit waiting to happen.  As Always, I hope this helps.  Thank you for Reading and Please have a Wonderful Day!