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Bathroom Suite Remodel

Above:  Bathroom Suite Project - 2010 - click on photo to see more images -

Hurricane Bottle Alarm Folk Art Hand Made Up-Cycled

Above: Hurricane Bottle Alarm

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Dual Fishing Pole Double Rod Holder Hand Made USA Custom Bass Catfish Plumbing

Above: Dual Fishing Pole Holder Prototype 01

Below: The Original Urban Rain Catcher Jug on Hand made recycled wood stand

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The Original Urban Rain Catcher Jug

I don't have all the answers, but I do have many answers and techniques when it comes to Plumbing and nearly anything else to do with Homes.


This website is to help in what little ways I can to make less stressful, issues that develop with one's Home when making repairs or remodeling . Remember - in most cases, your Home was built in quite a hurry and only to Minimum Code, so whatever IT is that is wrong, IT can be fixed and improved upon to outlast the original construction.

We will also address issues as they relate to the continued "watering down" of all the Skilled Trades. Such that being "licensed" has no real meaning in today's marketplace of Repair and Home Improvement Contractors.